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Torres Lawn Care has been our landscaping, irrigation and lawn maintenance provider for four years, at an old residence and a new construction home.  For three years, they maintained a 1.2-acre property with an aging irrigation system and my lawn always looked FANTASTIC!  For the past year, they have helped with a new construction property.  Throughout the four years, they have handled many challenges both yards have thrown their way and overcome them all, including:

  • Irrigation system poor original design

  • Wiring and value issues

  • Plants dying from wrong selection by builder

  • Grass dying from wrong selection and installation by builder

  • New landscaping project (fully designed back yard from scratch)

  • Dual Purpose Patio

  • Drainage re-design

  • Tree removal

Gabriel and his team (including office staff) are creative, courteous, efficient, dependable and communicate well.  We can work through different ideas to fit my budget and they listen to input.  Gabriel will stand behind his commitments and I give him my highest recommendation.   

What I particularly like about Torres Lawn Care is they give me “one stop shopping” for all my lawn care needs, instead of having to deal with multiple specialists who are not necessarily consistently working with my property.  Gabriel researches issues and comes up with solid solutions with knowledge of the whole picture with my lawn and my overall budget for maintenance.

The Torres office can provide my name to you for a direct reference, if you would like to know more.  


Maryann Wolff

Happy Customer of Torres Lawn Care

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